A Car Rental Service in New York City for Residents Who Don’t Own Automobiles

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Although photos of Manhattan often show heavy traffic congestion on the city’s streets, about 77 percent of the borough’s households do not own a vehicle. They rely on public transportation and taxi service. When they want to go on a trip out of the city, they may look for a Car Rental Service with affordable rates. That allows them to spend a weekend up in the mountains or on Long Island, or drive somewhere else for a vacation or visit.

Residents of the other New York City boroughs also are less likely to own vehicles than other U.S. residents. Men and women who live on Staten Island are most likely to have one; around 82 percent of them do. In the other boroughs, about half of the residents do not own automobiles. They may rely on a Car Rental Service when they want to leave the city and public transportation cannot take them to their destination.

Wealthier Residents

Wealthier residents are more likely to own vehicles, even if they seldom drive these automobiles. They rent space in a parking garage if there is no parking available at their place of residence. Many homeowners in Manhattan do not even reside in the city. They use their condos and apartments they own as second homes for when they visit the borough on business or for entertainment.

Distance Considerations

Also, people who live the furthest away from Manhattan but are still New York City residents also are more likely to own cars. Men and women who do not own a vehicle may want to acquire one from a company like C.C. Rental to visit a different part of the state.

Traffic Congestion

What about all that traffic congestion in Manhattan? Much of it is due to people driving in from outlying areas, including Long Island, New Jersey and Connecticut. Also, a glance at any photo makes it clear that taxi service is very prevalent in this city. In addition, with the advent of Uber and Lyft, it’s not always easy to see which vehicles are functioning as taxis. Commercial trucks account for some of that congestion as well. You can also watch video on their YouTube channel.