Luxury Accommodations in Charming Puglia

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Puglia is a little known area of Italy in the heel of the boot situated among centuries-old olive trees in one of the most amazing parts of Italy.

Puglia’s landscape is flatter and wilder than other areas of Italy. It is covered in huge olive groves and surrounded by sea. With charming UNESCO designated buildings and white stone buildings, it is the paradise that many travelers are looking for in luxury vacation.

Luxury holidays in Puglia are attractive to many visitors. There are spacious farm homes and beautiful coastlines with clean white beaches to explore.

Salentine Coastline

The Salentine coastline has two seas, the Ionian to the west and the Adriatic to the east. The city of Lecce is known as ‘the Florence of the south’ and is crammed with ornately carved white stone Baroque buildings. It is lively where visitors enjoy eating, laughing and shopping.


Otranto offers old castles that jut out into the sea where luxury yachts float about in the harbor. Your luxury holidays in Puglia can begin in one of the many delicious seafood restaurants along the coast.

Olive Oil

Puglia is one of the biggest olive oil producers in Italy. There are groves and groves of olive trees, and many are centuries old.


Lecce is one of the region’s most popular destinations. It is a culturally diverse town with luxurious, state-of-the-art hotels. One of the most famous hotels, L’Astore Masseria, was built in the early 18th century as an olive mill and continues to produce wine and olive oil today.

Puglia is the perfect summer destination for people who want to spend time in luxury accommodations away from major cities. Italy Luxury Tours offers a variety of exclusive luxury tours in Italy for the discerning traveler. They provide classic private tours, private food and wine tours, and specialty tours for their customers so they can enjoy Italy’s rich culture, wine, and history.